Dandelion Readers, Vowel Spellings, Level 3


Cat. No. USDR15

Twelve fully decodable books covering vowel digraphs.

Introduces four to five spellings for each of the vowel sounds.

Book 1: /ae/: ‘ai’, ‘ay’, ‘a’, ‘a-e’, ‘ea’
Book 2: /ee/: ‘ee’, ‘e’, ‘ea’, ‘y’
Book 3: /oa/: ‘oa’, ‘o’, ‘ow’, ‘oe’, ‘o-e’
Book 4: /er/: ‘ur’, ‘er’, ‘ir’, ‘or’, ‘ear’
Book 5: /e/: ‘ea’ as /ee/, /ae/ and /e/
Book 6: /ow/: ‘ow’, as /ow/ or /oe/
Book 7: b/oo/t: ‘oo’, ‘ew’, ‘ue’, ‘u-e’
Book 8: /ie/: ‘igh’, ‘i’, ‘y’, ‘ie’, ‘i-e’
Book 9: /oo/: as in b’oo’t or l’oo’k
Book 10: /aw/: ‘aw’, ‘a’, ‘al’, ‘au’
Book 11: /oi/: ‘oi’, ‘oy’, ‘uoy’
Book 12: /ar/: ‘ar’, ‘or’, and ‘air’

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