A Summer of Reading

Help kids avoid the learning loss that can occur over the summer months by encouraging them to read for enjoyment. Reading at home over the summer months will help them to maintain and even enhance their phonic knowledge and decoding skills and in turn build confidence and self-esteem.

Combine reading with fun activities, there are lots of ideas in our resources area! Download these templates to encourage the kids to record their reading activity over the course of the summer.

Here are some ideas to encourage the kids to get going...

  • Write a list of activities they want to do this summer. Remind them to include reading!
  • Use the reading record to keep track of all the books they read this summer.
  • Organize a book swap with a friend. They can write a review of their favorite book then give it and the book to their friend. Keep swapping throughout the summer!
  • Make a list of all the books by a favorite author and ask them to record how many of they can read this summer, along with any other books/comics they may read.
  • Write a letter to a favorite author and tell them which of their books they’ve read and what they enjoyed about them.
  • Write a story and make their own book for their family to read.