Holiday season phonic bingo

This fun, holiday season, phonic bingo is a great, short activity to help students revise the phonics they have been taught. This game helps to strengthen decoding skills and spelling pattern recognition. We've created two templates to simply download and use: CVC and spellings of /ae/ but there is also a blank template to tailor to your own requirements.


  • Photocopy, cut out and laminate the Bingo Boards.
  • Each student(or group of students) gets a Bingo Board.
  • The teacher calls out a word using the Bingo Calling Card.
  • The student places a counter on the correct word or using a dry wipe marker crosses off the correct word from the board.
  • Repeat the process until a player (or group) makes a straight line on their Phonic Bingo Board and shouts “bingo”!

If you are feeling adventurous you can remove yourself from the game and ask the students to take turns being the bingo caller!