Island Adventure Series - phonically decodable reading books

Island Adventure, Books 1-10


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Ten books introducing alternative vowel spellings.

Book 1: ‘ae’: ay, ai, a, a-e, ea, ey
Book 2: ‘ee’: ee, ea, y, e, ie, e-e, ei
Book 3: ‘oe’: ow, oa, oe, o-e, o
Book 4: ‘er’: , er, ir, ur, or, ear
Book 5: ‘ow”oi’: ow, ou & oi, oy
Book 6: ‘oo’: oo, ue, u-e, ew, ou, u
Book 7:‘ie’:  igh, ie, i-e, i, y
Book 8: ‘or’: a, aw, awe, au, al, ough
Book 9: ‘air’: air, are, ear, ere, eir
Book 10: ‘ar’: ar

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  1. Shannon DeLong (verified owner)

    These stories are riveting! The student who was reading them, was not happy when we ran out of time! The plot is interesting and relevant to the age group. The topics are clever and interesting. The artwork is amazing and realistic. The focus on the target phoneme is seamless and not forced, it fits nicely into the story. I would highly recommend this series.

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