• Dragon Eggs Series, Books 1-10


    Cat. No. USDE1
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    Reintroduces alternative vowel spellings for 10 different vowel sounds.

    Book 1: ae
    Book 2: ee
    Book 3: oe
    Book 4: er
    Book 5: ow & oi
    Book 6: oo
    Book 7: ie
    Book 8: aw
    Book 9: air
    Book 10: ar

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    1. Nathalie Balduck

      The books are absolutely amazing. The pictures are so colourful and beautifully drawn. My students love the books. There is the right amount of suspense but it’s not too scary. I really like the fact that each book focuses on the different ways to write a sound. The practice at the start of the book is great too. And the vocabulary as well. I recommend these books!

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