Alba Series, Set 1


Cat. No. USAL1
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Includes 12 decodable books starting at CVC & CVCC level.

Book 1: cvc, cvcc
Book 2: cvc, cvcc, ccvc
Book 3: cvc, cvcc, ccvc, ccvcc
Book 4: sh, ch, tch, th
Book 5: ck, ng, qu, wh, le -ed
Book 6: ai, ay, a-e, a
Book 7: ee, ea, e, y, ey
Book 8: o-e, ow, oa, o
Book 9: er, ir, ur
Book 10: ow, ou
Book 11: igh, i-e, y, i
Book 12: oo, ew, u-e, u


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  1. Beth C. Romano

    I love the Alba series. All of the phonics are perfect for my beginning readers. The vocabulary is leveled yet still presents a bit of a challenge. The students love the illustrations. They always are excited to read!

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