About Us

Phonic Books Ltd is a small company specializing in publishing systematic synthetic phonic books for beginner and catch-up readers.

The company was founded in the UK in 2006 by Wendy Tweedie, Tami Reis-Frankfort and Clair Baker, three special needs teachers passionate about teaching all children to read. Using their expertise, they set about developing phonic reading books for young children and older, struggling readers.

Following demand from customers, the range has extended from the initial 10 titles to over 298 today and is continuing to grow. Our US range of books caters for students in Pre-K and Kindergarten to struggling readers in Middle School.

With a growing reputation for the quality and effectiveness, our books are now used by schools, tutors and parents in the US and 40 countries around the world.

Phonic Books Ltd is registered in England and Wales (Number 5742072).
Our registered office is: One Embassy Gardens, 8 Viaduct Gardens, London, SW11 7BW, United Kingdom.