A comprehensive range of decodable books for struggling students

By the time most kids reach a tutor, they will have experienced reading failure and many will be aware of their difficulties and suffer low self-esteem.  Our series of books offer tutors unique, highly-structured phonic reading series which motivate struggling and even the most reluctant of readers.

Step-by-step phonics will fill gaps in reading knowledge and skills

Starting at CVC word level, the stories and age-appropriate illustrations engage disaffected learners who may have already experienced reading failure.  Our range of books will allow the tutor to pin-point the starting point most suitable for the student.  Action-packed series with exciting heroes and heroines will help the tutor to match the series to the student.  Parallel series offer more than one reading book at each level.

Workbooks with additional activities to embed new learning

Workbooks linked to the reading series offer comprehensive pre-reading phonemic awareness and phonics activities and post-reading comprehension, fluency and spelling activities.  The tutor can use these for further practice or homework sheets to ensure new learning is consolidated.

For more information on our books and their progression please take a look at our About our Books page and the Phonic Progression of Our Books page.