Teachers and Educators

Decodable books help students practice phonics and develop effective reading strategies

Many teachers find they need additional resources to support their beginner and struggling readers.  Students may have difficulty with letter sounds, phonemic awareness. They may struggle to remember the phonics taught or have poor vocabulary.

Through controlled texts, decodable books allow the student to practice their phonic knowledge and to read successfully at every stage.  They also encourage students to use the most effective and reliable reading strategies for life (sounding out words).

A structured phonic series that kids want to read

Many of these students need to start a systematic program from the beginning to ensure the gaps in their knowledge and skills are filled.  Our books combine a systematic phonic progression with exciting, fun stories and illustrations that kids love to read.

Our hi-interest decodable books offer stories and illustrations that are designed to appeal to older students who may have experienced reading failure and, as a result, low self-esteem.  All of our books offer controlled, structured decodable texts that encourage reading success at every stage. Visit the Phonic Progression of our Books page for more information.

Helping struggling readers

Struggling readers often need a great deal of practice to embed new learning. Our workbooks offer teachers a comprehensive range of activities that include all five essential elements of literacy: phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Teachers save valuable time as they don’t have to create these activities and what’s more, activities are linked to the stories in the reading series to excite the interest of the student.

How to use our books

Our books can be used as a classroom resource in various ways: with a whole class, reading groups or 1:1 reading support.  Workbooks that complement the series offer systematic, comprehensive and time-saving, easy-to-use activities. For further tips visit ‘How to Use our Books and Workbooks‘.