School Administrators

Effective reading series informed by current research

Many children struggle with reading. The National Reading Panel concluded that effective reading instruction should include five elements:

  • phonemic awareness
  • systematic phonics
  • vocabulary development
  • reading fluency
  • comprehension

Mounting evidence shows that with explicit phonics instruction and decodable books as a preferred reading material, students develop reliable and successful reading strategies.

All of our beginner and catch-up books and workbooks follow a systematic phonics program which include all these elements. The reading series offer phonics, vocabulary development and reading fluency. To see how our books progress, please visit the Phonic Progression of Our Books page. The workbooks include phonemic awareness, additional reading fluency, spelling and comprehension activities.

Hi-interest, decodable books

Many children who struggle to read become disaffected with reading and suffer low self-esteem as a result. The systematic structure of our intervention resources are designed to change this attitude. The exciting, age-appropriate reading books and their supporting workbooks, create reading success and build confidence along the way.

Easy-to-use resources for Special Ed practitioners

Our books offer a ‘pick-up-and-go’ resource for Special Education practitioners. Created by reading specialists, our books and resources offer ready-made, easy-to-use activities based on the five elements of reading. The reading series when combined with the workbooks offer the Special Ed practitioner a wide variety of activities that ensure new learning is secure, before progressing to the next level.