Scope and Sequence of our Books

In line with explicit systematic phonics and the Science of Reading, our books offer stair-step phonics progression starting from the simple to the more complex parts of the alphabetic code.

Our Beginner Readers start by introducing only a few sounds and letters at a time (Stage 1 introduces only five sounds: s, a, t, i, m), so that the reader can experience success from the outset.

All our books have cumulative progression which allows for previous learning to be included as the reader progresses. This ensures what has been learned is included and practiced along the way.

Each of our Catch-Up series has a different starting point and educators should assess the student to determine where any intervention should begin.  Parallel series offer further practice for students who need to consolidate new learning before progressing to the next level.  Our workbooks offer comprehensive pre-reading and post-reading activities to ensure the student has sufficient practice and rehearsal to embed learning.

Every book has the target phonics listed on it so the teacher can identify this with ease.  A ‘Reading Practice’ page in our hi-lo, Catch-Up series help prepare students for a successful reading experience.  As the students learn to decode more and more words, they learn new vocabulary.  This is listed and explained on the Vocabulary Page.

The following charts show the phonic progression of our range of books.