About Our Books

Features of Dandelion books

Written by three practicing teachers, our books are designed to engage and enthuse beginner and reluctant readers. The highly-structured phonic sequence encourages reading success and building of confidence from the very beginning.
  • Imaginative stories with appealing characters
  • Colorful and motivating illustrations
  • Highly-structured phonic progression
  • Text on cream background to make the books reader-friendly
  • Gradual introduction of high-frequency words
  • A clear explanation of Systematic Synthetic Phonics for teachers and parents
  • Game in every book to consolidate learning
  • Additional reading and spelling activities for further reading practice

Features of hi-interest decodable books

Older, struggling readers need age-appropriate reading materials. Our range of books for older students combine high-interest, instantly engaging stories with structured phonic progression. This lays solid phonic foundations that many struggling readers need in order to progress.

  • Vocabulary Page
  • Short chapters for reluctant readers
  • Text on cream background for easier reading
  • Motivating illustrations and story lines
  • Dyslexia-friendly font
  • Reading practice page with phonic focus
  • Workbooks for further learning linked to stories