Precise pronunciation of the sounds of the alphabet

When children begin their reading instruction, it is really important that they learn good habits so that they don’t need to unlearn them at a later stage. The first thing children will learn is how sounds of speech are represented by letters. In other words, they learn the relationship between written letters and spoken sounds.

In this short video, Savannah Campbell, an Orton-Gillingham and LETRS trained, K-5 reading specialist, demonstrates how to set children off to a good start, avoiding bad habits that may get in the way of learning to read. She discusses how to teach articulation explicitly and how to make sure children learn precise pronunciation of these letters.


This is a guest video by Savannah Campbell, who is a K-5 reading specialist.  She has taught her entire career at the school she went to as a child.  She holds two master’s degrees in education from the College of William and Mary.  Savannah is both Orton-Gillingham and LETRS trained.  Her greatest hope in life is to allow all children to live the life they want by helping them to become literate individuals.

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