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At Phonic Books, we know the importance of continuous and lifelong learning. We’re always delighted to hear from our customers, and feedback on our decodable books is especially welcome. Your comments help us to understand what we are doing right – as well as flagging up anything that could be improved.

In this testimonial, Dyslexia Specialist, Emily Gibbons of The Literacy Nest shares her thoughts on using Dandelion Launchers with beginner readers:

Decodable books can be fun and motivating for your young learners.

I’ve been using Phonic Books with my beginning readers for about two years now. I use them in private intervention settings for my Orton-Gillingham lessons. The quality of the actual paper book is sturdy and long lasting for many readers to share them. Children love the vibrant colors and mixed media of both photographs and illustration overlays. This really makes them stand out from your average decodable book. The stories are playful, and my students feel successful reading them.

Phonic Books ensure my students are getting the additional decoding practice they truly need. The sequence of skills follows a systematic progression to support my structured literacy model. The series I’ve used the most with my beginning readers is Dandelion Launchers. There’s just enough text on the page and young readers will not resort to picture guessing from the illustrations. This makes Phonic Books a win. Great job, Phonic Books team!

Emily Gibbons, M.Ed, SLDS, C/OGA


A little more about Emily Gibbons, creator of The Literacy Nest:

I am a mom of four, and an educator who loves creating and blogging about all things literacy! As a Certified Orton-Gillingham Educator, I seek to provide resources to assist teachers, families, and children with all aspects of structured literacy and dyslexia.

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Dandelion Launchers Extras 1-7 Fan of Covers USA Decodable Books
Dandelion Launchers Stages 1-7
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Dandelion Launchers Extras 1-7 Fan of Covers USA
Dandelion Launchers 1-7 Extras

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