Why would a not-too-wealthy, not-too-poor district abandon Balanced Literacy take the plunge and embrace Systematic Phonics?

Lynbrook District in Long Island, NY is like many districts.  It’s not very poor and not very rich.  Most of the kids do okay.  So, why have the leaders of Lynbrook district decided to take the plunge and ditch balanced literacy for systematic phonics?  They decided that too many children were not thriving with balanced literacy and something had to be done about it.  Listen to an interview with Ashley Roberts of The Dyslexia Initiative and Faith Borkowsky as how the district leaders decided to take the courageous step and introduce Sounds-Write—a program of teaching reading that would benefit all children.  Using Phonic Books decodable books (that follow the same scope and sequence), the pilot has just begun and already, teachers can see the difference!


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